City Square at Night
WHY? It’s where everyone hangs out at night. Come see Mexican culture, kids on skateboards, music, and various festivities.

Yambak Brewery
Why? You’ll get fantastic beer with good music and a good vibe. Local craft beer brewed in-house. Open at 4:20 every day 🙂 LINK

Playa De Los Muertos
WHY? It’s a different kind of beach than most see in Sayulita. Go in the morning for a peaceful swim. Calm waters for floating and enjoying the black and gold sand nestled in between rock formations. Explore the south side and find the perfect jumping spot.

Hike to Playa Malpases and Beyond
Why? You’ll discover a beautiful long quiet beach. Walk north on the beach till you find a trail that takes you up and over the rocks. Explore hidden coves until you get to the long Malpases beach. If you continue you can go all the way to San Pancho

Taco’s El Pastor “Dias”
Why? Because you can’t miss delicious street tacos. This little streetside operation attracts quite the crowd. Make sure you try the Pastor tacos.

Luna Azul Surf School & Shop
Why? What would Sayulita be without surfing? Learn from top-rated local instructors. Pick up some cool merchandise.

Ki’ no Ramen
Why? Where else can you get Mexican-Japanese fusion ramen? Try the Barbacoa Ramen and give your tastebuds a trip they won’t forget. They also offer a cocktail with an ant in it.

Choco Banana
Why? It’s a classic in Sayulita. Who doesn’t like chocolate-dipped frozen bananas? A cool little place that has stood the test of time.

Why? In the land of tacos and seafood, many will come to Sayulita for a Reuben sandwich. Who says pastrami is for New York City?

Sea Turtle Release Shack
Why? A fun and unique experience. Located down Sayulita beach a bit

Hike to Monkey Mountain
Why? It offers the best views of Sayulita. Trailhead is out of town a bit and you may want to hire a guide. Only passable November through May due to washed-out trail conditions. LINK

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